began his rope journey in 2007 when he set foot in Osada Steve’s Ikebukuro dojo in Tokyo.  After taking his first lesson and attending one of Osada Steve’s shows, he began to seriously pursue the study of Japanese erotic rope bondage.  That journey led him to study with Master K in Los Angeles for nearly a decade and to his frequent trips to Japan ultimately leading to him being accepted into the school of kinbaku Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki.  As a member of Yukimura sensei’s ryuu, he has been given the name Haru Yutaka and has been awarded a menkyo or teaching certificate, allowing him to teach Yukimura’s unique style of erotic rope.  Zetsu has also had the honor of working and studying with famed kinbaku photographer Sugiura Norio, fueling his passion for kinbaku photography as well.

He has participated in workshops in Tokyo with Suguira Norio and has had his work exhibited in Tokyo at Gallery Shinjukuza, run by the legendary kinbaku photographer Kanno Kei. While in Japan, he has participated in several “satsueikai” photo shoots, photographing the rope work of Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki.

His passion for teaching and rope has led him to create a series of classes that provide a fun and authentic approach to Japanese rope bondage.  With a focus on technique and erotic play, his teaching style speaks to the heart and spirit of Japanese rope, with an emphasis on safety and mutual gratification and enjoyment for all involved.

When not teaching rope or hosting events at the LA Rope dojo, he edits the online magazine Kinbaku Today and runs Ai Nawa, an online shop where he imports books, videos, rope, and kinbaku accessories from Japan.

Samples of Zetsu’s Work


-emme- first became actively involved in the BDSM community in 2012, and was quickly introduced to Japanese rope bondage. While initially a fledgling rope top, she soon found her niche bottoming for various instructional purposes throughout Southern California. While she has come to personally view rope as an intimate and vulnerable exchange between two people as part of an existing relationship, she enjoys being apart of environments that help others find their own unique connection with rope bondage. She presently co-leads Rope Space, a rope social and practice in San Diego, and helps out in any way she can with LA Rope. Aside from rope, she’s a fan of mini things, Miyazaki, and her Giant Schnauzer, Saffron.

Cheeky was first introduced to kinbaku in 2011 where initial experiences were focused on serving as a practice partner in order to facilitate another’s education. She eventually grew to serve as demonstration bottom to several wonderful instructors throughout Southern California as well as an occasional rope model for rope tops & photographers. While these explorations were extremely fulfilling, it wasn’t until the renowned bakushi Yukimura Haruki visited Los Angeles in 2012 that kinbaku became very personal. The revelatory experience of bottoming in a private lesson & attending the day-long workshop opened her to connecting to her partner through the deeper communication & exchange that can occur in the type of interaction at the core of the Yukimura Ryu, or style. She is honored to be a part of LA Rope, providing assistance in whatever capacity she is able & introducing others to this versatile & multi-dimensional medium.