This class focuses on using rope to build a space for the bottom that combines the physical (the tie itself) with the psychological (headspace for both the top and bottom) to literally create a “rope headspace” constructed around feelings of mutual gratification, fantasy, pleasure and sensation.

We will examine the construction of rope headspace around three different ties: kaikyaku kani (open leg crab tie), ganji garame (full body, immobilizing tie), and ebizeme (the shrimp torture tie). In each case, we will examine the history of the tie, the various ways each can be used to build headspace for both the top and the bottom, how to tie each with various techniques of style and flow, the use of fantasy, distance, and observation to intensity the scene, methods of untying, and aftercare.

With each tie, we will examine not just the technique, but the philosophy behind the tie and its principles of construction, helping to understand why each tie has the effect it does, as well as how each tie can be modified for sensual, erotic, or sadistic impact.

With each piece of rope and with each tie, we will examine the physical, psychological, and emotional response to tying and how the combination of all three can become more than just the sum of their parts.

Students should come prepared with:

  • 7-8 8m lengths of rope
  • the ability tie a basic gote (Japanese style box tie)
  • a prearranged partner to tie with
  • a yoga mat or blanket to tie on

If you don’t have quite enough rope, we may have a limited amount of loaner rope available. As an alternative option, you can purchase jute from the instructor by prior arrangement by contacting him directly through FetLife, or by going to his webstore AiNawa