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LA Rope Consent Policy

At LA Rope, we follow a strict policy of positive consent, meaning before tying anyone at the dojo, you must explicitly ask their permission and receive a “Yes.” We want everyone who walks through the door to know they will not be tied without their explicit consent.

We maintain a zero tolerance policy for consent violations. Those who commit such violations will be banned from the space.

Should you feel your consent has been violated in our space, you should contact the dojo owner or any of the available instructors.

Our priority will be getting you whatever you need to feel safe, followed by immediately and directly addressing the issue with all parties. We will assist you in getting whatever assistance you need up to and including alerting the authorities.

You will not be questioned, interrogated, or asked for any information and you will not be required to disclose your identity to anyone.

LA Rope follows the NCSF statement on Best Practices for Consent.  You can find a copy of the statement here: NCSF Best Practices for Consent to Kink.