The folks at Kinkly have just published a review of our first Tuesday Rope Play class.  It is a great read for anyone who might be interested in doing rope for the first time.  Written with a great sense of humor, it does a good job of capturing both the spirit and tone of what are classes are like.

The article “Kinbaku and You: A First Timer’s Foray Into Rope Play” gives a strong sense of what our classes are all about, introducing rope to people who want to develop better and more intimate communication with their partners.

My favorite part of the article was the express of trust that he felt he built with his class partner:

This is certainly one way to supercharge a new friendship. Despite not knowing her for too long, I feel like Diana and I already have a deep foundation of trust. How can you not after that? And that is the thing that surprised me the most about Kinbaku; it’s not about pain and humiliation. It’s about absolute trust and subtlety. The way that slowly dragging the rope across your partner’s skin communicates more than words can ever say. Or how simply tightening a knot can send both of you into a fleeting moment of bliss. If you’re looking for a unique date you and your partner won’t forget, this is it.

Thanks to Kinkly for the write up!  I hope it helps others take the first step in broadening their erotic horizons!


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